Welcome to www.martyantonini.com.  We are Marty Antonini and Seventh Heaven.

Marty Antonini and Seventh Heaven Rehearsal
Marty Antonini and Seventh Heaven Calgary Stampede

​​It's about the music ...

Marty Antonini

& Seventh Heaven

Marty Antonini

What Kind of Man Is This? Marty Antonini is a multi-talented musician, artist, actor - dynamic, passionate.  He studied at Berklee College of Music, he has worked with Ian Tyson, Patricia Conroy, Michael Martin Murphy among many others, his musical career spans over thirty years. Seventh Heaven has been a labour of love for Marty since 1992, when we were seven members. Naturally. Today we are twenty plus. But we're sticking to our original name.

Seventh Heaven

We sing music from the heart, to move the soul – gospel, yes, and blues, jazz, country, pop, some reggae, some rock. No hip hop. Yet. We strive for rich, perfect, powerful harmonies. Our repertoire is now over one hundred and twenty songs. We practice hard, we learn our parts by memory, we feel our music. Then we Give It Away. We perform principally in Calgary and area - concerts, benefits, special events. At a place near you ...